Subject: off the hyway now
From: Charlie Manning
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 09:24:28 -0400
Yesterday 4 hours of driving rain at 45F then 2 hours of sunshine not above 50F then to find a huge nail from the tread to the middle. I pulled it out and  spit on the holes and it didn't seem to be leaking(but don't forget I was shivering and worn out). so I found this dive in Whitecourt,alberta for $71C and they have Internet! I check the tire in the morning and either add air or whatever till I can find a harley dealer not too far off the beaten path. Lucky again it could have gone flat on me in the middle of nowhere because that's where I've been. The place that I'm in is souly for the oil and gas workers and some const. workers-allot going on- all- out of towners(there is no towners). It's 39F now and I'm going to wait until it gets above 40F to start getting wet again. Yesterday it was a 3 glove day-my motel room looks like a laundry with everything drying! Nicer weather down the road(I'm in Whitecourt,Ab) got to find it. Saw elk yesterday and the jack rabbits are so tame when you walk up to them they look at you as if to say you don't belong here this is my house!-time to go-charlie